Writing to Feel Good

Many people find that writing things down helps to shed light on the way they feel about things, which helps them to feel better and think more clearly about things. And I agree.

When you put your thoughts on paper you have a chance to make inner feelings and thoughts into something you can touch, and see outside of yourself. When you see your thoughts and feelings on paper, you have a chance to understand yourself better, change the things you want to change and replace negative or unhappy thoughts and feelings with positive, more useful ones.

Writing things down can help you:
Organise and understand your thoughts
Give a name and a vent to your emotions
Calm down when you are worried or anxious
Think about what is important to you
Feel better about your life
Change the way you think
Change the way you feel
Create new, positive and more useful thoughts and emotions
Help you to know the real you
Change the way you behave
Improve your self-esteem
Feel calmer, clearer and more relaxed
Be creative

You can write almost anything at all. Some people like to write diaries; others like to write lists of things which make them happy. Lots of people write letters, poems, stories, novels, character descriptions, memories, films, affirmations and gratitudes. You could even write a shopping list!

Writing things down works because words are very powerful and the words you use will all have emotions attached to them; for example - puppy. Does that word make you feel all gooey and soft inside, or does it make you feel anxious, worried, or something else? What about this word - school? How does that make you feel?

Different people attach different meanings to words, and writing things down helps you to identify the deeper meanings of the words you use and the emotions you attach to them. Being aware allows you to choose to THINK differently, FEEL better and DO the very best for yourself.

The beauty of writing is that you can do it at any time and any place to suit you. If you are upset or anxious, writing down your feelings and thoughts can help instantly; it is like having a friend to talk to. You can change your life for the better and you are not dependent on anyone else when you write. Plus, there is nothing to stop you from adding to your real life experiences, changing them on paper and developing your writing into a story or a poem or a play or a film script...  there are no limits to what you can do.

Creative Writing is fun, easy and it works.


My book of creative and therapeutic writing exercises to help you feel happier and know yourself better is now available on Amazon, priced at £5.99.

In Your Write Mind is a toolbox of therapeutic and creative writing exercises to help you feel happier, think more clearly, be kind to yourself, solve problems, clarify goals, uncover hidden beliefs, and fictionalise your life. Use these simple exercises as a starting point to deeper self-knowing, then change them, develop them, invent new exercises, or even write a book ... and have fun doing it!