Monday, 6 July 2015

Second Book Syndrome, by Emma Haughton

Emma Haughton
Two months on from the publication of my second YA thriller, Better left Buried, I thought it would be a good time to reflect back on my experience of bringing another book into the world. I remember wondering some time ago whether it would be as hard as the first time around. As manic. As nerve-wracking. As scary.

And the answer is… yes and no. Writing the damn thing wasn’t so bad. I managed to escape the infamous ‘second book syndrome’, at least initially. Many authors say coming up with another idea and bringing it to fruition is very difficult; tempting to think that having done it once before, you’re in for an easier ride. Sadly that’s rarely the case. Each book presents its own unique set of problems and challenges, and you have to find a different way through the forest with every story.

 However , I side-stepped the whole problem by selling the second book ready written. No cunning plan or anything, just the way it worked out. By the time I went out on submission with Now You See Me, I’d already written Better Left Buried. (Mind you, being on submission with two books rather than one has its own issues, but I’ll save that for another blog post.)

Once Usborne took me on, though, it wasn’t all plain sailing. The editing process for Better Left Buried was… err… hell. Three structural edits, then an extremely rigorous copy edit which left no stone unturned in terms of questioning plot points or character motivation.

Happily, I can confirm that publication was generally an easier experience this time round. Thank god. As I’ve written about on this blog before, I found the process of publishing my first book quite terrifying. The feeling of exposure to the wider world. Dealing with the verdicts.

Second time around it was still nerve-wracking – impossible to bring a new baby into the world without angsting about how it will be received – but I’d had my blooding. I’ve grown a thicker skin in the last year or so. Yes, bad reviews and ratings still sting, but with nothing like the ferocity of the first.

I’ve also grown used to the constant nagging worry about sales, publicity, awards and so on - all the usual stuff that fills a writer’s head on a daily basis. And I’ve learned the only cure is work. Immersing yourself in your next book is the best, indeed the only effective way of insulating yourself from worries about those already out there, making their way in the world.

And as I write this, I’ve also passed another landmark – yesterday, right on deadline *high-fives self* I pressed Send on my third book, propelling it into the inbox of my agent and editor. So begins another cycle. But at least now I’m reasonably confident I know the territory. Fingers crossed.  

Emma Haughton was a journalist working for national newspapers and magazines before settling down to write young adult fiction. Her first book, YA thriller NOW YOU SEE ME, was published by Usborne last year. Her second, BETTER LEFT BURIED, came out in May.

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