Monday, 5 January 2015

Raring to go...

Phew! Well that's another festive season over and done with... and if, like me, you are raring to get back to work, my advice is to set your alarm a couple of hours earlier than normal, get up and start writing. Don't stop to check your emails, look at your twitter feed or see what your friends did last night on facebook. Go straight to your seat of creativity (via the kettle) and write. 


Because I am reliably informed that the early morning is the best time to work. At this time you are most likely to be creative, focused and therefore productive. It is something to do with the frequency of your brain waves.  The brain has four different frequencies of brain waves:

  • Beta waves - associated with peak concentration, heightened alertness and visual acuity.
  • Alpha waves - associated with deep relaxation, and thought to be the gateway to creativity
  • Theta waves - associated with the twilight state that we experience fleetingly as we drift off to sleep and are strongly linked with creativity and intuition.
  • Delta waves - associated with deep sleep.
The most relevant of these to writers and other creatives are alpha waves, which appear when your eyes are closed and your mind is in a quiet state of relaxation. Usually this is between sleeping and waking.

When your brain is in an alpha rhythm state, the critical censoring function performed by your left brain is half asleep and the feelings and images from your creative right brain can more easily pass through the gate-keeper of your left hemisphere, unaffected by judgment, and into your conscious mind. 

Concrete thoughts, physical activity, sudden noise or light on the retina of the eye can send the brain out of alpha and into beta wave activity.

Since alpha brain wave activity is at its height when you first wake up, early morning bursts of creativity should be just what you need to kick start your new year of writing.


  1. Except that I can't form a coherent sentence that early. Best of luck to all you early birds, though.

  2. Well apparently alpha waves are also present at the end of the day - just before you go to sleep - so if you can find a way to write yourself into uconsciousness this might be another option ...

  3. Actually, I do write a lot late at night. Love the photo of the passed-out kitty on the keyboard. May 2015 be a productive writing year for both of us.

  4. Then we're all sorted! Early mornings round here, late nights at Beth's place ... :D
    Good luck with your writing this year, and I hope you see many more gorgeous sunsets. x


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