Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Life is Good

I’ve been commissioned to write/compile a book for a care-leavers project which is coming to an end. I'm collecting stories, experiences, thoughts, ideas, top tips for independent living and lots of other things, and adding a few of my own. By day I’m out and about – interviewing people, talking to people, hearing their stories, finding out what’s made the difference in their lives, and how this particular project has impacted on them – and I’m doing a lot of listening; to young people, old people, support workers, mentors, outdoor ed. instructors, project leaders, cleaners, managers … everyone who’s had anything to do with the project and who would like to have their say about it now.

By night, I’m sat at my desk writing up my interview or story or bunch of top tips or the latest little piece of wonderfulness which has crossed my path …

And then I go to bed, happy.

Even though when you read the news or watch TV you could be forgiven for thinking that we’re all just on this great big downward spiral to doom … I just want to say it’s not quite like that. There is some great stuff going on in the world.

Real people. Doing real things. Changing real lives.

And frankly, that’s uplifting. 

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