Tuesday, 10 June 2014


The story so far…

The Kindle Ninja
in action
Some weeks/months ago, I joined the Rave Reviews Book Club – an online book club dedicated to propelling its members into super literary stardom. (And yes – I’m nearly there, so it’s definitely working.)

Several members bought my book – Bring Me Sunshine – and wrote complimentary reviews. But one member – WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS – decided to do their review as a VIDEO.

As you can imagine, I was overcome with gratitude and felt quite emotional that anyone would do this for me, especially someone I had never met or am ever likely to meet. And so, I sent him/her a gushing email and a few direct Twitter messages, read his/her blog and had various tweet exchanges. But it seems like the more we communicate, the less I know about KINDLE NINJA, and it’s beginning to frustrate me.

The Ninja Inner Circle
Who is he? Who is she? Surely someone out there must know?

The truth is, the Ninja’s identity is a closely guarded secret known only to a very few people in the NINJA INNER CIRCLE. Us mere mortals know very little about the Ninja.

Here’s what we do know –

·        The Kindle Ninja reads and reviews books – often reading more than one at a time.
·        Sometimes his/her Kindle falls on his/her face while he/she reads in bed.
·        He/she keeps a very entertaining blog in which he/she lures unsuspecting authors in with the promise of milk and cookies.
·        He/she is left handed, has given up soda and plays with LEGO. (Or LEGOs if you’re in the US).
·        He/she is quite probably nocturnal, choosing to do reviews at night.
·        He/she is a member of RRBC.
·        And of course, he/she is obviously extremely discerning about books and makes incredibly brilliant video reviews…

But this is not enough. I need to know more.
Do you know
this Ninja?

And so this week, I hatched a cunning plan and persuaded KINDLE NINJA to be interviewed by me, for my blog. Mwah ha ha…poor unsuspecting Ninja…playing right into my hands. I have this morning sent the questions away and any day now, I shall have my answers.


  1. Haha. I just found this and am off to read part 2 now. I loved that video Kindle Ninja did of Bring Me Sunshine. Too clever. :)

    1. Ha ha - yes, I had forgotten about this too until you reminded me. I should probably do a part 3, because now I know SO MUCH MORE... mwah ha ha...


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