Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A word of warning to (as yet unpublished) authors

Hanging out your underwear in public,
may not be such a good idea. 
It has come to my attention recently that certain (as yet unpublished) authors are letting certain agents read certain first drafts of certain unfinished manuscripts.Said agents are of course not happy – because said manuscripts are nowhere near being ready, and yet neither said agents nor said (as yet unpublished) authors seem to realise this. Said agents then go and suggest or demand all sorts of rewrites and throw in their own visions for said manuscripts before said authors have even had a chance to find out what it’s about themselves.

I just want to say, to everyone, DON’T DO THAT!

Your entire first draft is what you do when you’re still working out the story. Probably your second, third and maybe your fourth draft will be like that too. So don’t go showing your messy and undeveloped ideas to people who might interfere with your creative process – trust yourself to go the whole way. 

Seriously, clean up your act before you share it with the world…


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