Monday, 9 December 2013

10 Reasons why writing a book is a lot like falling in love

  1. The early stages of a relationship are wonderful. You feel euphoric; excited to wake up every day and see what joy will come your way.
  2. The early stages of a relationship are frustrating and scary and you feel exhausted. 
    Ahhh... love's young dream
  3. Either way, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Your new relationship, (with a book or a person) consumes your energy, focus, and time, to the point where everything else can just wait. You can't stop thinking about this new love.
  4. Normal every day things (eating, cleaning, friends and ringing your mum) start to annoy you because can’t they see this is important? There’s nothing wrong with becoming a recluse. Is there?
  5. You start to obsess, night and day, about your future together. Are you a match made in heaven? Will you go all the way? Is this one they’ll want to make into a Hollywood love story?
  6. Love is blind and you won’t hear a word said against your dazzling partner. You will probably idealise them for a while, magnifying their virtues and overlooking their flaws.
  7. When you first fall out, it’s total disaster! You cry and turn to your friends for help. But they are treading a fine line between critical support and unwanted criticism.
  8. You start to feel insecure and needy. You want constant reassurance. What if all this has been for nothing? You might even rush to seal the relationship deal, just to put an end to these uncomfortable feelings, even though you know there is still work to be done.
  9. Alternatively, you might decide that you need some time apart. But that’s difficult too because even when you are apart you are constantly reminded of the good times you once spent together…
  10. You will eventually go your separate ways. Don’t start a new relationship too soon; your heart is still somewhere else and nobody wants a rebound book…
"You said you wanted to make me happy forever," said Vladimir.
"I didn't expect to live so long..." replied Clara.


  1. Hi Wendy! I came accross your blog on Twitter... I LOVE this post! Isn't it so true? I "have been writing" a book for ages... And in the beginning it was exactly as you say in your article... I still love the story and the characters and (why not?) would love for it to be a Hollywood film one day! :) Lovely article!


    1. Hi Daniela,
      I'm at about stage 9 with my WIP at the moment... no, who am I kidding? Stage 8... Writing is soooo hard. *Wails* LOL. Thanks for the comment (and the reassurance :) ). Good luck with your book, and I really hope you make it to Hollywood. X


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