Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Big Fat Publishing Rejection Quiz

Derek Shiftly knew more about
rejection than most men.
Have you experienced rejection? Once or twice? More than a dozen times? Possibly more than a hundred…? Well, psychologists from a University near Yale have come up with the ultimate quiz to help you understand a little more about the process of rejection, how you deal with it and what it says about you. 

Answer the questions, make a note of your answers and read the results to find out your score.

  1. When you get a rejection, do you:
a)       Feel like your life is over?
b)       Hire a hit man to ‘take out’ the rejecter?
c)       Feel bad for a day or two, and then move on?

  1. When your family or friends offer criticism of your work, do you:
a)       Ignore it. What do they know anyway?
b)       Unfriend them on Facebook?
c)       Say thank you, and give their comments some serious consideration?

  1. When your story doesn’t win/get short listed for that writing competition, does it mean:
a)       Your story sucks?
b)       The competition is rigged?
c)       Your story isn't quite ready?

  1. When an agent says they don’t want to represent you, does it mean:
a)       You are a lousy writer?
b)       You are a worthless pile of poop who will never amount to anything?
c)       They don’t want to represent you?

  1. When a publisher says your book is not right for their list, does it mean:
a)       Your book is rubbish?
b)       Your book  is a worthless pile of poop and will never amount to anything?
c)       Your book is not right for their list?

  1. When an Editor asks for changes in your manuscript, does it mean:
a)       Your manuscript is full of holes?
b)       Your manuscript might just as well go straight into the shredder?
c)       Your manuscript might be improved with a few changes?

  1. When you get a bad review on Amazon, do you believe:
a)       Your sales will take a nose dive?
b)       The world is against you?
c)       Everyone is entitled to an opinion?

  1. What have you learned from rejection:
a)       Some people are idiots?
b)       It’s not worth trying when everybody hates you?
c)       Learning to deal with rejection is just another step towards being a writer?

  1. When you finally find success, do you:
a)       Get well and truly blootered?
b)       Believe you are a literary genius?
c)       Enjoy it while you can?

"Darling, I have something to tell you."
"Tell me, Leonard, tell me."
"Your manuscript, it... it's..."
"It... it's... in a class of it's own."

Mostly As
You take rejection personally, but then again who doesn’t? You are a great/terrible* writer, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool/genius.* The longer you are writer, the easier/harder* it will be to let go of upsets and move on. So why not give it one more shot; you know you can/can't do it. 
*delete as applicable

Mostly Bs
You are on the publication roller coaster and going downhill fast. You completely lack perspective and balance. When you get rejected, your world falls apart and so do you. On the plus side, when you get accepted you score top marks on the happinessometer, and boy does that feel good? You are human.

Mostly Cs
 Eileen Shrimp was ready to
explode at the merest
whiff of rejection.
By some small miracle, emotions bypass you. You are totally rational and you take everything in your stride. No heights of ecstasy or depths of depression for you. You are self-aware and have a level-headed approach to publication. You are almost certainly an alien. 


  1. It seems I'm an alien that likes to get blootered occasionally. Just as well, given my addiction to writing and its side-effect of rejection.

    1. Yes, I have often wondered if you were extra terrestrial. ;p

  2. Love it! Seems I'm an alien with a few human parts...always did wonder why I was getting rejected.

    1. Ha ha - I think I'm about evenly spread between alien, human and other; depending on my mood.


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