Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Awards Fail Me

I have today been honoured with an award by the very clever and kind Roberta J Gordon. It is the Liebster Blog Award for Bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Roberta spends her days reading OP notes, researching pathology reports and the crying over the headache of insurance. To date, she holds a degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice, she has been inside a nuclear reactor; played good cop/bad cop and often wished to drive the Star Ship Enterprise! And of course she writes.  She is the author of GeminiWitching: Elements 101 released last week.

I rashly accepted the award. You can see my acceptance speech here.

But when I went to pay the award forward, I couldn't actually find more than a couple of bloggers who admitted to having less than 200 followers....

... which got me thinking, WHY? Maybe people don't want to advertise that they have less than 200 followers? Maybe I shouldn't be doing that either? Maybe, an award for having less than 200 followers is like a signal to the big wide world that you're not actually that interesting?

To be honest, I haven't accepted awards before so why accept this one? 

Maybe I should hang in there for a Nobel Prize for Literature, the Man Booker, The Orange Prize, The Pulitzer, The Whitbread or the Neustadt Prize? Maybe those things are my destiny and I can afford to let slip a minor blogging award (or two) along the way?

Yeah, maybe that's what I'll do.

Sorry Roberta, I'm going to have to decline this one, but thank you for offering.

Other awards I have ignored include ... 


  1. The idea behind this award is to recognize good bloggers who do not have many followers. The one who receives/hands out the award has an opportunity to nominate other bloggers he or she thinks are interesting and worthy of being followed. It is a way to generate traffic to good blogs that may be overlooked otherwise and to encourage new members to join.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the explanation.

  2. Congratulations Wendy, from one of your (fewer than) 200 bloggers.

    Keep on blogging.



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